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The Hottest Interior Design Trends You Have to See!

Here are some seriously hot new design trends that are worth checking out! We mean it- the new style direction is FRESH. 🔥 

See for yourself…


70’s Refresh

Get ready because the ’70s are coming back, but keep in mind that you only need a little bit- that’s the key! 🗝️ For example, you can hit your local flea markets to look for a single fabulous 70’s accent chair and upholster it in a mustard tone. Vintage is definitely an in-thing- and the ’70s, in particular, is a trend. We definitely see a concept around super graphics, but it’s very tonal in its color story- it’s not Peter Max. Warm metals are also big as they work great in these spaces.

Get the Look:



Not only will it breathe life into your space (literally), but it’s also a great way to add a splash of on-trend green. For a deep dive into designing with plants, check out the video Interior Designer’s Secret Weapon or check out this post: From Faux or For Real: How to Style Your Space with Plants



We still are big on using sustainable and organic materials- which is fantastic! We say let’s keep this trend going on forever! 👍 Most vendors will have eco-friendly options at a minimum if their whole line isn’t sustainable.



Everything is a major texture play- think rattan, plaster, textured wallpaper, and ceramics. There’s also a trend towards coziness and plusher fabrics like velvet and lambswool. When it comes to texture, always remember the design principle of contrast. For example, a uniquely textured wood sculpture would look fantastic on a smooth glass coffee table. The contrasting textures make each piece stand out in its own right while enhancing the qualities of the other.

Get the Look:


Curves Ahead

Things are going to get curvy, baby! You can definitely see a trend towards less linear designs in pieces. It is still minimalist at its roots, yet the trend is moving away from the classic Scandi style. There’s a groovy factor that’s coming back with all these curves, and we’re here for it! 👏

Get the Look:



Say goodbye to maximalism! 👋 Think minimal, clean, and simple. It’s not the monastic experience of minimalism; it’s minimalism IRL – it still needs to be functional and have decor that brings a sense of warmth and personality.


Color Palettes

Color palettes are taking on an enhanced direction, when we made this significant shift away from cool greys into warmer greys and warmer neutrals. 

Take a look: 👀


Farrow and Ball


There aren’t many gorgeous yellows, but this one is incredible! It’s fully committed! 

Schoolhouse White:

A lovely warm white that pairs beautifully with so many design styles!

Breakfast Room Green:

If you saw the Desert Modern video, you’ll remember that many of the colors take on a mineral-like quality. Speaking of color hotness…GREEN reigns supreme! 💚

Check it out: 


Benjamin Moore

October Mist:

Love it! 💗 It’s a beautiful reprise of sage without the blue-grey undertone, and it has a lovely softness to it. You will have fewer problems with this green like so many others. 


Sherwin Williams

Evergreen Fog:

Feels a little more like the original sage but still a very nice green. It’s a versatile and calming hue, a chameleon color of gorgeous green-meets-gray, with just a bit of blue.  It’s a simple but sophisticated wash of beautiful, organic color for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade.

Are you crushin’ on color right now? Don’t miss the Color IQ Quiz!


To Sum it Up…

It’s a hybrid of Desert Modern and Scandi, with a fresher, better take on the trends of the ’70s.

Think sexy with subtly. We see that in the velvets, leathers, and textured woods- it’s all become very tactile. Colors speak to that too, with warmer whites, toasted browns, caramels, rich greens, and burgundy. It has a classic scandi and minimalist format, but it’s moving away from the pinks, whites, and grays and into a more grown-up, sophisticated version. 

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  1. Ohhh…I’m excited about Desert Modern and Scandi.  Viewing Lisa’s videos over the last year I was drawn to the cozy clean of Scandi.  I love that it leaves space for the eye (and mind) but isn’t as spare as minimalism.  However, being from AZ, I was trying to figure out how to incorporate colors and materials that reflected my local area rather than the Scandinavian locales.  I was getting frustrated with what everyone thought was Arizona design – just heavy mesquite furniture and thick Spanish wrought iron.  Then along came Lisa’s Desert Modern video – yeah!  Trying to transition my very dated house right now…at least enough to get it ready to sell.  Then I can be all in on a new place that might be Desert Scandi or a version of it…maybe I’ll rename my version Desert Spa Retreat or something like that.  As far as the 2022 colors, I do like the greens, especially October Mist and Breakfast Room.

  2. Oh October Mist! Oh Schoolhouse White! I’ve taken the style quiz twice and both times I’m Scandi. I’m seeing my new Big Room in Schoolhouse white, leather sofa and chaise, wooden ceilings with dark beams. Dark tile around the fireplace and repeated in kitchen. Dark island cabinetry and white perimeter cabinets with light quartz counters and dark hardware. Dark sink and dark lighting. I’m putting the dishwasher and a vintage sink in the butler’s pantry with butcherblock counters in there. Dark doors with white trim. Oh! I am starting to see it!

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