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7 Designer Tips for Decked Out Holiday Decor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and for so many of us, that means pulling out those giant storage bins full of holiday decor and letting Christmas explode all over the place. If your idea of “decked out for the holidays” includes multiple layers of flashing Christmas lights and Santas in every corner- KEEP READING. We get it, though, it’s tough not to over-decorate. The more, the merrier, right? Yeah…NO, at least not in this case. Trust us, you can still be decked out to the nines while keeping the decor well-edited.

Follow these 7 designer tips for festive (and fabulous) holiday decor:


Tip #1

KISS – Keep it Simple, Santa (’s helper)! 🎅 Keeping the holiday decor simple and clean is a guaranteed design win. Sophisticated and storage-friendly, applying a less-is-more approach won’t overwhelm your home with Christmas chaos. Go for a few larger, statement-making pieces: they will look striking and purposeful while keeping your space clutter-free.

Tip #2

Repetition is key. The 5 Principles of Design are Balance, Scale, Rhythm, Harmony, and Proportion. The Rhythm of holiday decorating is rooted in repeating the same pieces in a space to create a rhythmic pattern. For instance, you can line up the same shaped pillar candle in various sizes or create a wall vignette of similarly sized wreaths in various textures. It’s an effortless way to create a clean yet eye-catching effect. 


Tip #3

Focus on one color. Exclusively using a single dominant color for your holiday decor makes a major statement. You could try monochromatic shades of green like emerald, sage, and mint, or opt for a metallic like classic silver and weave it into your home with accents. No matter which color you choose, keep the background simple for balance. Starting to get it? Simplify!


Tip #4

Need some color inspo? You can’t go wrong with a classic red, just one caveat- you want to avoid the heavy red and green combo. Try decorating with a single bright tone like holly or candy cane red, or keep it toned down with shades of cranberry and burgundy. If you’re less of a traditionalist, try mixing different shades for an unexpected and sophisticated take.


Tip #5

Simple and inexpensive, ribbon is a beautiful and budget-friendly way to decorate! Get a pretty fabric and use it to create cohesive accents throughout your home- both indoors and out. You can tie individual bows on the backs of chairs or use them to adorn wreaths and tree branches. Wrap it around the banister and finish with a bow, or tie it around candle holders – really, the options are practically endless!


Tip #6

Go big, bold, and better than ever! As previously mentioned (but worth repeating!), larger-scale holiday items will have a bigger effect than many smaller details in one room. Think quality over quantity, and keep your groupings to odd numbers (3’s, 5’s, etc.) The proportion of decor can make your space feel warm and cozy or more dramatic and impressive. Just a few sizable and purposeful pieces will go a long way in achieving that festive focal point.


Tip #7

Get lit! Light up your tree with as many lights as you can- don’t be stingy here! 💡💡💡 A good rule of thumb is 100 lights for each foot. If you have a 5ft tree, for example, you might get 5 strands of 100, or 10 strands of 50, and so on. When hanging the lights on your tree, make sure you start at the back of each limb while wrapping and work forward and back. This will create an evenly lit background for all your favorite ornaments. And don’t be shy with the outdoor lights either; really go all out with classic white light strands wrapped around the branches or lining your home for a truly magical holiday atmosphere.

Are you all filled up with holiday cheer? 🎄 Us too! Now, go trim that tree! Jingle those bells! Hang that holly! And don’t you dare forget to share! Post your holiday decor pics in The Clubhouse– we all want to see and get inspired! 

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