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From Faux to For Real: How to Style Your Space with Plants

Houseplants are as timeless as they come, and these leafy décor staples will add a breath of life (literally!) to your space- no matter your design style. And to all you so-called “Black Thumbs” out there- we’ve got news for you: there are plant varieties out there that actually thrive on neglect. Still not convinced? Faux can be fabulous! 🤩 Both the real deal and faux foliage can add much-needed texture, color, and balance to your space.

As with all things design- you need to be intentional. Don’t just plop down a planter and call it a day. Instead, make a plant plan! Need a little bit of inspo? No prob!

Let’s get your plants on point:


Empty Corners

You know that awkward corner in your place where nothing quite fits, so you leave it all empty and sad-looking? Plants to the rescue! 🪴Corners are a great opportunity to showcase a single, large, beautiful botanical. Palms, Fiddle leaf Figs, and Olive Trees make striking corner statements while filling the space. You can also create depth with a varietal vignette of plant stands at various heights. And don’t miss the opportunity to uplight them from the back!




Get creative and think outside the pot! What’s fantastic about tables as a plant design medium is the variety- you can go with real foliage, dried and fresh florals, or faux. Garlands are also great! Create a textured tablescape by weaving in votives or vases, or feel free to mix it up every season! Plants are also a gorgeous way to dress up your table for dinner parties and holidays.


Dining table:

A beautiful centerpiece like a vase filled with vibrant flowers, greenery, or stems like wispy wheat or eucalyptus will be the perfect focal point to make the space flourish. 🌿


Coffee table:

A small plant or floral grouping adds fresh flair to your living room.


Entry table:

The perfect welcome home from a long day! 


Powder room countertops:

Air plants are fabulous here!





Get ready to take an Insta-worthy shelfie! Pops of green make all the difference on bookshelves, floating and corner shelves. Plants on the small side reign supreme here, so mix in a succulent (or five!) amongst your books and decor objects. Trailing plants like Pothos also look beautiful as their foliage cascades down the shelf, creating visual texture.



Small Spaces

If space is limited, hanging plants are the ideal option. This is the perfect opportunity to bring in a bit of drama with draping plants like ivy or ferns, so go ahead and create a foliage focal point by hanging several plants at different chain lengths. Want to add a bit of floor flora? Awesome! 😎 With small spaces, we recommend going with plants that are tall and thin, like a Snake Plant, and consider putting the planter up on legs to create a sense of height and importance. 



Why not give your plants a view? Plus, your plant will look beautiful from both the inside and outside! To create serious style, select eye-catching planters, combine hanging plants with floor plants, and place them in front of your window. Mix up the contrast through texture with a woven basket planter paired with brass hanging planters- this high/low mix will help ground and bring balance to your window scene. Make sure you select plant varieties that can handle a lot of sunlight- African Milk Bush, Jade Plant, and Aloe Vera are all great options. Kitchen windows, in particular, also present the perfect opportunity to add in greenery by growing your own herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme. 


Faux Plants or No Plants?

For those of us with any thumb color other than green, there are major retailers who know how we feel. Ikea,  World Market, Pottery Barn, and Nearly Naturals have a wide variety of faux plants that brighten any space just as a real plant would. Florals, greenery, stems, and wisps are available in multiple colors and textures that can fool even the most discerning eye. No maintenance, and they will last for years to come- go for it!


Protect your Pets

Of course, it’s CRITICAL that you know whether or not your plant pick is toxic to your fur baby! Thankfully, the ASPCA has created an extensive list of toxic and non-toxic plants for pets. You can check that out HERE.

Bottom line- plants make people happy, and we promise you will be amazed at how well they can transform your space. Now, a little homework: take stock of the areas in your home that are looking a bit bare or maybe a little lifeless- basically anywhere that needs some oomph. You’ll then want to note the available space and lighting conditions of the area, as this will help guide you toward selecting the ideal variety of plant(s). No light whatsoever? Then go faux fo sho. 😉  

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