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How to Style Your Kitchen Countertops

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Creating space for both style and function on your kitchen countertops is surprisingly tricky! Appliances you use daily take up a good portion of precious counter space (We’re looking at you, Nespresso machine!), but that doesn’t mean you need to stop short on style. 

There are several ways you can strike a balance between fabulous and functional. With these simple styling tips, you can create Insta-worthy countertops that are as pretty as they are practical. 

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Herb Appeal

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Mmmmm, can’t you just smell the rosemary, basil, and mint? Herbs are a perfectly practical way to bring color, texture, and life into your kitchen. Chic and chef-friendly? We’d call that a win. 🏆

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Make the Cut

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Let us start by saying that you shouldn’t go crazy with the number of cutting boards you display. If you have a big kitchen, then three is the max. If you have a smaller kitchen, then two is plenty. 

Pro Tip: Just like throw pillows, you want to vary the sizes, shapes, colors/patterns of your boards.

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Fruity and Fresh

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A bowl of fresh fruit looks clean and adds a pop of color. We want to emphasize the word FRESH here. There’s nothing worse than a bowl of brown, close-to-icky fruit, so keep it colorful and crisp, guys. By the way, the ONLY time it’s allowable to do fake fruit is if you are staging a house. The other thing you need to consider is the type of bowl, as this presents another opportunity to reinforce your design style or add contrast and texture. 

Pro Tip: If you want a mix of fruit varieties, you should consider choosing fruit within the same color palette to make it look more cohesive. Of course, this is just from an aesthetic perspective, so feel free to get whatever you like to eat!

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Canister Cuties

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It’s the easiest way to bring serious style to your countertop while making more space in your pantry. Remember the “rule of three” here. You can either vary the sizes (i.e., small, medium, large) or go for a modern uniform look and have all three the same height. 

You can go for solid or clear canisters- totally up to you; however, the solid ones will be easier to make look cohesive, albeit a little less functional.  

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Back to the Grind

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Salt and pepper mills/grinders are fantastic for counter-styling because they bring in much-needed height. 

Pro Tip: To keep things interesting, you should choose a salt and pepper grinder set that slightly contrasts the style of your kitchen. So, if you have a Modern kitchen style, try a more Traditional grinder and vice versa.

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Tray Chic

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Honestly, trays are one of the most helpful pieces of decor. A tray is useful when you create a zone to make a group of items look less random. For example, you can use a tray to make cooking supplies look more put together, adding another opportunity for contrast. And you’re not limited to just one! If you want to have two, go for it- as long as they don’t match! 

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That’s all there is to it! Pretty easy, right? How many of these tips have you already jumped on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…

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