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Lovethesign has an Italian DNA and we are proud of this because Italy is a special country, this is where the phenomenon of product design was born. We know we belong to a historical and cultural context which has unmistakable contents, our creative experience and our communicative actions thrive on them. This inclination is able to expand itself, with identical passion and selection skills, to international design.


Design is also a visual fact, objects play an active part in the pleasure that comes from living a place. Beauty is a concrete need, the main part in the successful outcome of an object. Our idea of design is tightly bound to the knowledge of the history, the manufacturing processes, the great excellence that make it an expression of the genius and the evolution of man. For us, design is the elective tool in our exciting mission enhancing the value of all the spaces where we spend our time, to make them cosy and an expression of our identity.


We build together with our brand-partners synergistic and innovative solutions, able to supply additional channels to the promotion of their product, by respecting the identity of the brand we help in broadening the chances for it to be accessible for architects, interior designers and contractors during the process of making design choices. Lovethesign is able to generate connections and new opportunities.


The care for the user experience is central for us. We strongly believe that visibility finalises and builds customer loyalty if you are credible: this happens when you carefully care the very delicate relationship between what is communicated and what is actually accepted. A subtle thread lies between storytelling and storydoing, the alignment of these two elements is one brand’s reputation and it represents its credibility heritage. What’s central for us is the care for the user experience, design culture, immediacy and simplicity of use, which widens to every form of communication.

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United Kingdom
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At Diiiz, we want to enable everyone to decorate their interior with designer furniture. That’s why we offer quality furniture at a fair price, which reflects the value of the item while keeping it accessible. You will find inexpensive designer chairs on our site as well as designer lamps for small prices. Don’t hesitate to cast your eye over our range of tables, sofas and outside furniture.

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