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What is Japandi?

Japandi design is a perfect harmony of two distinctive styles: the modern minimalism of Scandinavian decor and the elegant simplicity of traditional Japanese interiors. It’s known for its sleek lines, neutral tones from nature and functional storage solutions like shelves built into walls or benches tucked beneath window sills – all working together to create an incredibly tranquil atmosphere that feels cozy and calming. If you’re looking for clutter-free practicality with timeless style, Japandi has everything you need!

Get ready to transform your home into a tranquil oasis of style with the simple secrets and tricks behind Japandi. Read on to learn how to combine Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian coziness in three easy ways.


1. Neutrals and Natural Materials

Craft a tranquil atmosphere by incorporating natural, earthy components into your home décor: warm woods, soothing bamboo accents, and elegant stones. Harmoniously tie all these pieces together with the classic colors of white, beige, or grey for an inviting ambiance.



2. Clean Lines & a Touch of Nature

Incorporate sleek furniture with minimalist shapes while adding a touch of color and texture by bringing elements like greenery and florals.


3. Authentic Pieces

Craft a stylish and contemporary interior that blends Japanese tradition with Scandinavian modernity. Incorporate authentic touches like tatami mats, shoji screens, or paper lanterns for an Eastern flair, then add classic pieces such as sleigh beds or rocking chairs to create the perfect fusion of two cultures.

Unleash your inner designer and take the plunge into creating a captivating Japandi space. With just some fun experimentation, you can mix and match design elements to create something totally unique! And we want to see it! Be sure to share your project with the DezignSpace fam in The Clubhouse.

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