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Cabincore: The Coziest New Trend for Fall

As the autumn leaves begin to fall and colder weather settles in, a new design trend called “cabincore” has moved to the forefront as this season’s most sought-after style. Drawing inspiration from remote locales in the woods, cabincore embodies the rustic charm of a cabin nestled in the forest, where you can cozy up under a chunky kn”it blanket while enjoying a roaring fire. 🔥

A scroll through the literal millions of #cabincore Instagram and Tiktok posts reveal idyllic scenes of twinkling string lights, misty woods, and layers upon layers of textiles. The popularity of this design style comes as no surprise as it evokes a feeling of stillness and calm, which many of us have been craving. The good news is you won’t have to move to a rural mountain town to achieve the cabincore vibe. With these styling tips, you can bring on the next level warm and cozy in your home, no matter where you live.


Totally Textiles

Lay ’em on thick! Chunky knits, fuzzy fabrics, and plaid patterns sooo cabincore. Toss a throw (or three!) over your sofa and drape chairs and benches with real or faux sheepskin. Place plush blankets at the foot of your bed to keep your chilly toes warm throughout the night. Warning – you might not want to get up in the morning! 😴  Oh, and don’t forget the floors – they hold in the cold and will welcome warm wool rugs. Staying roasty, toasty, warm, and cozy is the goal of cabincore. This brings me to the fireplace…


Get Fired Up!

Think back to your last cabin escape. Remember watching the fire logs crackle, hearing the popping of the wood, inhaling the campfire aroma. A cabincore space really isn’t complete without a fire, so you really want to amp up your fireplace as the focal point of the room. Bonus points if your fireplace features reclaimed wood or rustic stone as those natural elements really enhance the whole outdoorsy vibe. Adorn your mantel with nature-inspired art, or layer multiple sizes of pillar candles in creamy shades. Vases filled with branches or dried grasses are also natural complements to the style. 


It’s Only Natural

Nature is the source of inspo behind this design trend, so be sure to bring the outdoors in! Leather, natural fibers, weathered wood, and real or faux fur all take a nod from nature and make for the perfect cabincore fixins. Rustic wood-paneled walls, art depicting forest scenes, and fresh or dried florals add another layer of cabincore goodness. 

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Cabincore Colors

Earthy, warm tones are your BFF’s in helping you nail the cabincore vibe. Just like the other design elements, you’ll want to look to nature for inspiration and direction with your color palette. Think of the last time you took a hike through a forest. Were you surrounded by lush, bright green moss and dark forest green trees? 🌲 Maybe you spotted a bit of terra cotta clay and the burnt orange and yellow leaves of early fall. 🍂 To keep the look grounded, you’ll want to bring in neutral tones as well. Earthy browns, creamy whites, and deep, warm grays make the perfect backdrop for the other hues. 

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to go with darker, moodier colors, like a deep hunter green or hickory brown. You want to have an atmosphere of seclusion, and dark tones will help make the space feel more intimate. 

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Light it Right

Nothing will make or break a space quite like lighting, which rings especially true with the cabincore style. To really drive this look home, you should exchange the harshness of overhead lighting for something softer, like the ambient glow of dimmable table lamps, sconces, or even string lights. You could even turn the lights off altogether and enjoy the simplicity of candlelight. 🕯️

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And there you have it, my friends, you’re ready to get cozy with it! Now, go grab a cup of cocoa so you can sip while you shop at The Store! There are so many delicious decor goodies that will look FABULOUS in a cabincore space! Check it out 😉

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