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Design Style Spotlight: Scandinavian

Style Vibe: Minimal, cozy, inviting, serene, airy.


With its minimalistic simplicity and a blend of textures, and soft color palette, Scandinavian interior design makes sleek, modern spaces feel cozy and inviting. It is often mistaken for Mid-century Modern as both styles emphasize clean lines, a connection to nature, and simple furnishings that are functional, stylish, and comfortable. Although Scandinavian interiors lean on the modern side, this design style often features a blend of eras to make a space feel layered and timeless. A balanced space with a thoughtfully edited mix of elements is key.

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What are the Hallmarks of Scandinavian Design?

The Scandinavian design style’s most recognizable features are blonde woods, soft hues, white walls, an emphasis on clean lines, high contrast, organic shapes, and light-filled spaces.


Is Scandinavian Style For You?

This style is a perfect match for individuals who like to stay organized and love Modern design but want a warm and inviting space.


What Does a Scandinavian Home Look Like?

A home built in the Scandinavian style will include everything from traditional, ornate architectural details to Contemporary spaces with clean lines. Corner fireplaces and floor-to-ceiling windows are also common.

How to Design Your Space in the Scandinavian Style:


Color Palette 

A typical Scandinavian color palette includes muted tones, off-whites, blacks, grays, and taupe, along with the occasional pop of color like sage green, soft pink, and lemon yellow.



Furniture pieces with smooth, rounded edges are fundamental to this style. Tulip tables and swan chairs are easily recognizable as classic Scandinavian designs, as are furnishings made of wood or other natural materials. Staples also include cognac leather and a mix of matte black and warm metallic lighting finishes.



Blonde or warm-toned hardwoods are most common in the Scandinavian style. For even more details on flooring, check the handy dandy resources in The Library!



Scandinavian design includes a lot of natural texture; for example, sheepskin throws and mohair pillows should be used throughout your space. Look for textiles with simple geometric prints, and accessorize with olive branches, fresh flowers, and objects made of brass and wood. Black and white or sepia-tone photography looks fantastic when combined with white walls and blonde wood, as does a vintage kilim rug.


Window Treatments

Natural light is paramount to this design, so windows are best left unobstructed or use white sheers. By the way, DezignSpace has your back when it comes to the ins and outs of window treatments; check out Drama-free Drapery: Your Detailed Guide to Understanding Window Treatment Basics


What to AVOID When Styling a Scandinavian Space

The Scandinavian design style does not typically feature wall-to-wall carpeting, clutter, saturated colors, or overly bold patterns.





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