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How to Choose Furniture for Small Spaces

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Have a compact room that’s looking for an upgrade? Keep its size manageable: with our ideas and advice, you can still create your dream look in small spaces! From picking out furniture to decorating details, here are our expert tips on making even tiny spaces feel grand.


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Avoid Too Much Texture

When designing the perfect layout for a space, size isn’t everything. In fact, the composition is often just as important! Avoid textured furniture or fabrics if you want your room to appear larger – certain textures can reduce the coherence of light and make small rooms look cramped. But don’t let this deter you from bringing in favorite pieces that bear texture — one standout statement piece could be exactly what brings your vision together without compromising style or spacial limitations.


Furniture for small spaces, small space furniture

Consider Usability

Transform tiny spaces with multifunctional furniture! When dealing with limited square footage, everything in the room must play multiple roles. Ottomans can double as seating and storage; dressers make perfect nightstands; bookshelves offer display space while providing much-needed organization. By selecting pieces carefully for their combined purpose capabilities, cramped quarters don’t have to be limiting – they can provide unique design solutions!


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Less is More

You can fill your small living space with a few items to make the most of it. By over-furnishing, you may create a disruptive and stressful environment for daily life. Choose furniture for small spaces thoughtfully – these should be selected based on what makes sense for each room’s function and aesthetic appeal so that all parts can flow together peacefully without cluttering any area or blocking areas from view. While quantity might seem like the goal when dealing with smaller spaces, quality will always reign supreme!


Furniture for small spaces, small space furniture, design for small spaces

Think about Color

Refresh your small space with a light, cohesive color scheme! Whether you have natural lighting or not, keeping walls and furniture pieces in the same hue will make any room look brighter and more spacious. Choose pastel tones for furnishings – think pale blues and yellows instead of deep black woods to open up even the most diminutive corners. For an airy vibe, go all-in on monochrome: one shade from wall to ceiling is a surefire way to maximize square footage without sacrificing style!

furniture for small spaces, small space furniture, small space design

Look at the Legs

Let your smaller spaces appear airier with slender silhouettes in furniture! Exposed legs on a piece of furniture will make the room look larger as light passes through and isn’t blocked by fabric. Choose pieces that boast skinny arms and tight-fitting frames for increased elegance without sacrificing an ounce of roominess. Show off those beautiful floors – ditch overstuffed armchairs with chunky blocks for streamlined designs that will keep the area manageable!



how to maximize small spaces, furniture for small spaces, small space furniture

Think Vertically

Making the most of a small space can be tricky, but use your vertical real estate to create an impact. A tall chest with drawers will provide both storage and style while keeping things efficient, or consider hanging wall art in a vertical formation that gives you greater depth without taking up extra room. Make sure every inch works hard!

If you follow these simple tips, you can shop for small space furniture like a pro and create the home of your dreams – no matter what size. And remember: smaller doesn’t always mean worse. Creativity and effort can make even the tiniest spaces into cozy and inviting homes. So don’t be afraid to downsize – instead, embrace it as an opportunity to get creative and try something new. Good luck! Be sure to share your small spaces project with the DezignSpace fam in The Clubhouse.

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