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How to Estimate Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Renovating your bathroom can be daunting, with costs varying depending on the scale of the remodel and materials used. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Here are some steps to help you estimate an approximate budget for transforming your bath: consider size, the extent of renovations needed, material selection, and labor costs before settling on how much money is required to take this project from drab to fab. Let’s get into the details…



Determine the Scope of the Project:

Get your vision rolling and begin mapping out the scope of your bathroom remodel. Whether you want to spruce up existing elements or give it a more thorough overhaul, nail down exactly what you’d like so that costs can be accurately assessed.



Create a Budget:

Crunching the numbers is critical. Develop an accurate budget that accounts for expected and potential surprise costs, from basic materials to labor. Plan ahead – it could be your best investment yet! For an exact process, check out the budget example in How to Start a Project in The Library!


Research Materials: 

Take the time to explore your options before you start! Research prices for tiles, flooring, lighting fixtures, and cabinets – online or at home improvement stores. It’s essential to compare different materials to find an affordable option that fits your design vision. Be sure to get samples in your hand and make sure it is exactly what you want before you order anything!


Get Quotes from Contractors:

A bathroom remodel is an exciting project, but it’s important to be prepared! Gather quotes from multiple contractors and compare them not only based on price, labor costs, materials needed for the job, and any other unexpected expenses. That way, you can make a confident decision about who will work best for your renovation goals. For a good analysis tool, be sure to check out How to Hire a General Contractor and This Masterclass for a deep dive into the subject. 


Consider any Unexpected Expenses: 

Preparation is vital for a bathroom remodel – but even taking the best precautions sometimes means your project will go off without unexpected expenses. Make sure you put aside an extra amount in your budget for any potential repairs, deferred maintenance, code updates, material overages, or other costs that may arise during construction!

Keep in Mind any Additional Costs:

If you want to update your plumbing and electrical or increase the size of your bathroom, it is essential to note that this could substantially add to existing costs. Depending upon the materials and labor utilized in addition to the project’s complexity level, a realistic estimate for bathroom renovation can fluctuate dramatically; fortunately, with this budget estimate, you’ll be more prepared to handle any surprises. 

Achieving the bathroom of your dreams may seem daunting, but with some thoughtful planning and preparation, you can estimate what your remodel might cost. Consider factors such as complexity level, materials used, and local labor costs along the way to ensure that every penny is put to good use. Go for it! And we want to see your progress! Be sure to share your project with the DezignSpace fam in The Clubhouse.

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