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Design Style Spotlight: Industrial

Style Vibe: Masculine, urban, raw, effortless, utilitarian.


With its steampunk elements and unfinished materials, the Industrial interior design style evokes a raw, urban factory feel. It merges sleek Modern style with an old-world feel to create an organic, lived-in aesthetic. The key to its authentic charm is highlighting the original building materials used in a home. Think unfinished woods and metals, exposed brick, pipes, and machinery-inspired objects. This style truly celebrates the industrial environment. ⚙️

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What are the Hallmarks of Industrial Design?

The Industrial design style’s most common features include unfinished materials, reclaimed machinery, exposed bricks and pipes, and Edison bulbs.


Is Modern Farmhouse Style For You?

This style is a perfect match for eco-friendly and budget-conscious individuals who live in large open spaces like lofts.


What Does an Industrial Home Look Like?

Architecture in the Industrial style is easily recognized by its large open floor plan, bare brick walls and pipes, and exposed wood or steel beams. Floor-to-ceiling Crittall-style and steel windows are also iconic to this design style.

How to Design Your Space in the Industrial Style:


Color Palette 

An Industrial color palette is primarily composed of gray, black, and white.



The Industrial design style typically has simple furnishings with squared lines and metal accents. Upholstery in a solid neutral color or distressed leather works well with the Industrial style, as does reclaimed woods, large metal lamps, and unfinished pendants.



Flooring is kept simple in the Industrial design style; materials such as wood, tile, laminate, or concrete are often used. For even more details on flooring, check the handy dandy resources in The Library!



The industrial-style decor features machinery-inspired items like gears and wheels, and walls are commonly styled with black and white photography, large abstract art, and mirrors.


Window Treatments

Ideally, the Industrial design style goes without window treatments; however, long-flowing linen drapes can be used. By the way, DezignSpace has your back when it comes to the ins and outs of window treatments; check out Drama-free Drapery: Your Detailed Guide to Understanding Window Treatment Basics

What to AVOID When Styling an Industrial Space

The Industrial design style avoids looking “styled” and does not typically include painted walls or wallpaper, bright colors, heavy patterns, and figurines.




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