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Shop Like a Designer: The BEST Places to Buy Art


Are you tired of staring blankly at your blank walls? 😶 We get it, and you should know that selecting the RIGHT art is an art within itself! Luckily for you, we know the BEST places to get it! We’re going to get right to it… 

Let’s start with some of our favorite designer online resources for accessing art, and you might be surprised to find out that they’re not as expensive as you think. Some of them are even very budget-oriented!

Take a look…👀

Saatchi Art

We LOVE Saatchi Art! They feature original canvas work, which is really special from the standpoint that it’s an original piece, and there isn’t a series of prints out there available to the masses. It’s going to be a very special purchase for you, and while some of the pieces can get very expensive, others start as low as $200.

As you can see, they have a lot of original pieces that are very interesting and textural, so you definitely want to check them out when you’re looking for an important piece for your place.

Another great one for original art is something called They’re a global company, so they have a lot of up-and-coming artists from all over the world.

We especially love some of their photography collections.

They do a lot of broad subjects, and you can easily filter by style and medium. If you’re looking for something a little bit special, definitely check there! Some of their pieces can start as low as $25, and they also do originals. 

Pro Tip: So, where do you want to use original pieces? You want to select these types of pieces for important spots. Perhaps over a fireplace, maybe in an entry hall, or if you have a formal dining room, a great spot is over the buffet. 


Lumas specializes in high-quality, big-name photographers. If you tend to lean more towards photography or even really fantastic poster art, Lumas is a must-see! They won’t be your most inexpensive selection because they’re very well known, so they would kind of fall into the important artwork category as well. Just look at these magnificent black and white prints:



20×200 has limited edition prints, which essentially means that there are multiples made of them, so they’re less expensive, but they’re no less fabulous! I mean, look at these, they’re so happy, and they can really cheer up a room:

They’re perfect for less important spaces, like down a hallway or in a children’s playroom. Lots of versatility with this collection!



Minted is great because they have limited edition prints by exclusive artists; plus, they can frame them for you! I also love that they do all kinds of sizes, including wall murals. Wall murals can really change a space, so check them out! 


While we’ve been talking about specialty artwork sources, don’t forget there are other retailers like Ikea, West Elm, CB2, and Restoration Hardware that you can definitely use to infill in spaces to help round out a collection. 


A Bit About Framing

We have three great online resources for framing, and they all do slightly different things:


Simply Framed

Simply Framed is marvelous if you need a whole gallery wall of the same black frame and super simple matting. 


Level Frames

Level Frames is similar to Simply Framed, but they have a bit broader range of styles to choose from in terms of the actual frames themselves. 


Framed & Matted

These are perfect for smaller art pieces with big white mats around them- kind of gallery-style. They give you a lot of versatility, so you definitely want to check them out!

So there you have it! Since you’re clearly in the market for filling those blank walls, you should definitely check out 7 No-Fail Gallery Wall Layouts and How to Hang Wall Art in The Library! And don’t you dare forget to share your before and after in The Clubhouse! 😉 

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