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Trend Alert: All About Dark Academia

Dark Academia, interior design

Embrace the mystery of Dark Academia! This trend is an alluring combination of moody maximalist elements – think earth tones defining walls, vintage finds gracing shelves, and natural furniture pieces completing your dream decor! Immerse yourself into a world inspired by sophistication while tantalizing intrigue awaits to captivate you at home. Investing in classic design elements helps ensure you create an elegant look that never goes out of style. Read on to learn how to recreate the Dark Academia style in your home!


dark academia aesthetic, interior design

Monochromatic Color Palette

Introducing the timeless beauty of monochromatic tones into your home – be it through grounding black or charcoal, tranquil greens and blues inspired by nature, or a combination of both – is an easy way to create warmth and design flexibility. With its versatile appeal in classic as well as modern interiors, this look offers sophistication that’s comforting yet rooted in a lovely sense of history.



dark academia interior design, dark academia aesthetic

Antique Portraits

Create a dramatic and distinctive atmosphere in any space with the timeless beauty of antique portraiture! Unearth exquisite works from centuries past at auctions, which offer one-of-a-kind pieces to capture that classic Victorian vibe. Display those distinguished gents for an unforgettable look!


dark academia, dark academia aesthetic

Authentic Antiques

To attain true Dark Academia style in your abode, look no further than antique pieces! Whether you opt to reupholster them with classic linen or make a statement with bold velvet, these timeless treasures are sure to bring life and personality into each room. With the right touch of creativity (and perhaps an accompanying history lesson), you can proudly keep these beloved heirlooms around for generations—their grand comebacks eloquently telling the story of their past.



dark academia interior design, dark academia

Natural Furnishings

Dark Academia fanatics, give your home the perfect finishing touch with pippy oak! This rich and luxurious natural material brings out an untamed personality while elegantly blending classic black hues. Combine this cozy warmth with metal or stone accents to create a space that’s uniquely yours yet still perfectly timeless.


Make dark academia fashion your own! Try different looks, explore new styles, and tap into the creativity that you have. Don’t be afraid to mix up silhouettes or textures – it’s all about finding what works best for you and making sure that whatever look you choose reinforces how confident, comfortable, and original YOU are. And we want to see it! Be sure to share your project with the DezignSpace fam in The Clubhouse.

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