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What is Grandmillenial Style?

grandmillenial decor, grandmillenial style

Update your home’s look with Grandmillennial style – a trend that takes nostalgia and gives it a modern twist! With just the right combination of items and accessories, you can give outdated spaces an on-trend refresh that is both chic and sustainable.  Read on to learn about how you can recreate this old-meets-new aesthetic in your home!


grandmillenial decor, grandmillenial style

Freshen Up

Freshen your space with captivating, full-bodied bouquets! If you can’t keep plants alive (no judgment!), try realistic artificial flowers to add instant cheer and vibrancy; just remember to give ’em the occasional dusting!



grandmillenial style, grandmillenial decor

Patterned Upholstery

Transform your space into a stylish showstopper with an elegant mix of bold patterns and vibrant colors! Steer away from dull tones and try incorporating colorful pieces that stand out! Balance this visual drama by adding some lighter-toned designs for an eye-catching Grandmillennial look!


grandmillenial style, grand millenial living room decor

Floral Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a major home décor update, why not join the floral revolution? Grandma’s beloved living room wallpaper got a modern makeover! Say goodbye to the traditional stuffy look – today’s prints are bright, vibrant, and irresistibly inviting.


mint green grandmillenial design, grandmillenial decor in living room

Cut the Clutter

To craft an effortlessly elegant Grandmillennial-style room, select furniture pieces wisely! Prioritize functionality and storage solutions for items that you’ll use on a daily basis. Remember – too much in one space can make it seem overwhelming. Instead, opt to create balance by picking just the right amount of decor for a look that is both clutter-free and stylishly chic.


Grandmillennial is here to make a statement! This trend showcases the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary elements, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your decor. Layer different colors, patterns, textures – whatever speaks to you – for an easy way to embody this sophisticated style in your home. So go ahead… embrace Grandmillennial and have fun with it! And we want to see it! Be sure to share your project with the DezignSpace fam in The Clubhouse.

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